Hi! We are Abben & Lily Photography! Together, we are committed to modern photography that tells a story.  After staffing together through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship,  we soon found that our personalities and photographic styles complemented each other's. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, our focus is on wedding / engagement photography and portraiture. We believe that everyone has a story that is worth telling; with every snapshot, photographs have power in the way that they save our moments and memories. Our hope is that when you see your photos, they bring you back to the moments in time and you are able to relive them. 


Abben Hung          


My interest in photography began as an undergraduate student. While it started with video making, as I got my hands on a DSLR camera, it soon transitioned to photography. Being an engineer, the technical aspects of photography drew me to it; I saw beautiful images taken by other professional photographers and learned through trying out the same techniques that they used. I would describe my style as crisp, clean, and minimalistic.

During my time in undergrad, I had the opportunity to take a documentary photography class and learn from Pulitzer Prize winner, David Turnley. While taking the course, I got firsthand experience seeing the power of telling stories through photo-sets. David's ideology for his work is to authentically show people for who they are and to reveal the dignity that they deserve. Those things really spoke to me about why I personally Iove photography. For my final project, I photographed a mother and her one year old baby for almost a month and had the chance to hear her experiences of becoming a mother (you can check that out below!).

My work with photography has been centered around portraiture and wedding photography. Along with my experience in shooting concerts, live performances, cultural shows, and wedding videos; these are some of the things I bring to the table!

While working full time as an embedded software engineer, at my core I am still a big people person. I love to hear about other people's stories and experiences. I'm really lucky that through photography, I have the chance to meet so many people that would have never crossed paths with me otherwise. Some of my other interests include volleyball, running, computer games, cooking new recipes, Christian faith, and reading.

Lily Merritt


There is not another activity in my life that combines so many interest and things that I enjoy quite as much as photography. At a young age, I realized that I loved being around people and helping others. I also remember the first wedding that I went to as a high school student. It was magical! I loved how that day could not be replicated again in another persons life, it was so special. In college I discovered my love for photography. I remember taking engagement pictures for my close friends. I love serving and being a part of their journey in that way and discovered I was gifted in capturing their special moments in my images.

My desire as your photographer is to capture the true and genuine you. I love meeting my clients and getting to know who they really are. Through my lens, I allow the images of your life to be captured. The moments that you can just be yourself, have fun, and interact with your loved ones. I desire to capture your natural character so that instead of taking just a picture, I capture love, emotions, and connections. 

My main experiences are in wedding and engagement photography. I have shot weddings mainly in the Ann Arbor area and Metro-Detroit area. I love seeing a couple through the beginning of their wedding planning time during their engagement to the actual wedding day. I love getting to know a couple through their journey and actually become friends with them along the way. From my own wedding, I remember how much time you actually spend with your photographer so I love being a friend to my clients!