Rebecca & Alan | Planterra West Bloomfield Wedding

What do you get when you mix two amazingly wonderful people, a cute puppy, and a beautiful venue? Literally, the best wedding ever! We had so much fun with Rebecca and Alan on their special day taking place at The Planterra in West Bloomfield. We were so excited to see these guys again because we loved spending time with them during their engagement session. Toby was very pumped for his humans to tie the knot. The day started off with such sweet moments. Rebecca’s bridesmaids wrote her such touching letters and presented them to her in the beginning of the day. You can sense the love and care that they had for her and we loved capturing it. The first look was an emotional one but even more so you can’t deny Alan’s look of happiness when Rebecca walked down the aisle. But also, Toby was pretty happy too :) To make the ceremony even more special, their A cappella from undergrad joined them to sing a beautiful song. There was not a dry eye in sight. To celebrate their Jewish traditions, Alan broke a glass to finish off the ceremony with a bang! We finished the evening by having an amazing party. They even brought in a cart from Go Ice Cream located in Ypsilanti! We loved all the emotion, little details, and the surprises at this wedding. We wish Rebecca and Alan all the best and do hope we cross paths again soon.

Amanda & Paul | Ann Arbor Engagement

Another wonderfully fall photoshoot with an adorable pair. The day was crisp and not too chilly yet so an ideal day for a photoshoot. Amanda and Paul currently live in Chicago but drove all the way out to Ann Arbor for a sentimental engagement session. You will see them in front of Mosher-Jordan Hall and you may be wondering why this dorm? This is actually where they met! I got to hear the story of college Amanda and college Paul meeting for the first time and how their relationship started. My favorite thing about this photoshoot though is the way that Paul made Amanda laugh by just being him! I’m sure you can see in the photos, but the fun was so genuine! I loved getting to know these guys and we wish them the best as they are planning their wedding :)