Abby and Chris | Metro Detroit Wedding Photography

What a lovely wedding! It was a special one for us as we are also friends with Abby and Chris in real life. The ceremony took place at Korean Presbyterian church of Metro Detroit in Southfield Michigan. This was the church that Chris grew up in and it was his childhood Youth Pastor that married them. It was so meaningful and special to see this ceremony. It was also so entertaining to see the closeness each of them had with their parents. There was laughter, jokes, and a little bit of teasing too :) 

After the ceremony, it was time for photos. We were pretty excited to incorporate a pool table into the bridal photos and were lucky to be inside on a chilly day. Later, we headed to the reception and had a great evening. Abby and Chris played the shoe game which was so fun! Then everyone jammed out to Gangnam Style during the dance party. When the night was drawing to a close, it was time to leave and what a beautiful exit with sparklers! Overall, we were so blessed to see such a heartfelt and intimate wedding. We are so happy for Abby and Chris and their new life together. Congrats you two! 

An Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer's Journey to Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes

What is impossible for man is possible with a forgiving return policy. 

As I sit sweating from being inside with my winter coat, trying on what seems to be my 50th pair of shoes, I'm beginning to lose hope. It's never going to happen is it? I will never find the right pair of shoes! Is the shoe industry this cruel that they can't make comfortable, formal shoes for woman? 


Well it was a journey but I finally found the pair! But before I share which pair of shoes were perfect, I want to share some wisdom that I wish I knew beforehand. 

Don't buy online. 

So it is pretty appealing to buy online. It is convenient, fast, and you never have to change out of your pjs to go shopping. But don't do it! You just don't know how it will fit your foot. Each shoe is made so differently, you won't know how comfortable it will feel for you even though 100 different reviews say it is, "so comfortable". I went that route the first few times, and come to find out none of them worked and I knew immeditaly when I tried them on. 

If it doesn't feel good in the store, it won't feel good at home.

This tip is from a friend who I went shoe shopping with. If it doesn't feel amazing in the store then it won't be worth it. If there is even a tiny issue it won't work out. Some of these tiny issues may sound like, "Well it rubs a bit in the back but I'm sure it will be fine" or "It is a bit small but I'm sure they will stretch" or "I'll just put some extra cushiony socks". No! These small issues will be amplified once you leave the store and wear them for 8 hours.  

Pay for comfort and practicality, not how cute they are. 

I'm as fashion conscience as the next person, but to be honest no one cares about how adorable your shoes are during while you are shooting a wedding but you will care how your feet feel when you still have 5 hours left of the day.  Of course how you dress effects your branding as a photographer so don't wear anything too crazy. But if you are looking at a pair of shoes and they are so comfortable but are pretty basic and nothing special, it may still be worth it to buy them. I lucked out with my pair shoes. They are comfortable and I've received a few compliments on them. At the end of the day, comfort trumps appearance. I would rather be comfortable and focused on my clients than uncomfortable and distracted. 

The Big Reveal... Check out my shoes! 

These are it, and let me tell you they are pretty great. I found that the loafer style fits my feet way better then flats. Ballet flats to me never offer me enough support and don't seem to latch onto my foot well. My foot fits perfectly in them and look great on my feet. They don't rub at all at the heel. They breathe well when I wear no show sock and they are neutral.  I'm so happy with them. They are the brand Fit Flop and they are called F-Pop Skate Slip-on. They were around $60 at DSW when I used some coupons. If you would like to check them out you can click here.

My journey is finally done. I'm so glad I returned a bunch of other shoes and chose this pair in the end. But at the end of the day, each person is different. Most wedding photographers swear by flats and I'm just not a fan. Check out a few, take them home, and walk around in your house for an hour. This way, if you discover they are not for you, you can return them because they won't be dirty. Don't settle for something less than perfect. Also if you have some suggestions you would like to give for other comfy brands, comment below!

Happy Shopping! 

5 Honest Tips to Find the Wedding Photographer of Your Dreams


Advice you wish your wedding planner told you

You're engaged! Now time for the planning right? But you have so many options for everything! Iris or Heather Purple? Roses or Tulips? Italian or Mediterranean food? Have you ever had to make so many pro-con lists? Sorry to say, there are just as many choices for photographers as well. So many options, who to choose? You are trusting people to capture the memories of your once in a life time event. That is a lot of pressure! So how do you pick the right person? How do you find your perfect match?

We want you to find your dream photographer! So as wedding photographers, we wanted to give you our honest, unfiltered advice on finding a wedding photographer. So now that you found the love of your life, here are some tips to find the a photographer you'll love working with. 

#1: What do YOU love?

Now in the days of Instagram and social media, it is easy to see trends in photography. Not to say the trends aren't cool, but we find that often clients just go with whatever deem trendy and don't consider what style they actually enjoy. It's easy to get swept away with something that your friends will ohhhh and ahhhh because it is, "so in right now". But if you lie to yourself by saying you enjoy a style just because it's popular, you will look back 10+ years at your wedding photos and be bummed out because it is no longer trendy and you didn't really love it in the first place. So sit down with your significant other, look through Pinterest or wedding photography websites and check out the different styles. Decide not only what YOU like right now, but what you believe you will like in 10+ years. Trust me, more instagram likes is not worth photos you won't love for a life time. 


#2: Do your research

Under the stress of all the planning, it is easy to pick the first photographer that pops up in your google search. But we would suggest doing your research! Look at different photographers, their websites, their work, and also their reviews. You can learn so much from just researching online. Most of the time, you can see a glimpse of each photographer's personalities, their values, and most importantly their photography style. You will find that as you research, the difference between each photographer becomes so clear. If you have fun looking through their website, love their work, and love what people are saying about them, then move forward in the process to contact them! If the photographer has previous wedding albums, request to view them after meeting so you get an idea of what the final photos may look like. Do they tell a beautiful story of the couple's wedding?

#3: Determine what you want and don't compromise

What do you want to walk away with after your wedding? An album, all the digital files, or canvas prints? Do you want 2 photographers at your wedding to get more coverage? Decide what you want ahead of time. All wedding photographers have different packages they offer and you shouldn't have to compromise! Determine what you would like beforehand and make sure the photographer you choose offers them to you. Don't forget to READ the fine print. We have heard some stories of folks who just skipped over reading the fine print in a contract and realized after the wedding that they had to pay much more to receive what they wanted. So read the contract thoroughly and don't compromise! 

#4: Meet them in person

Have you ever gone out on a blind date, and your friend talks them up or they sound so good on paper? Then you meet with them in person and find yourself looking at your watch waiting for the date to be over? Well similarly, a photographer may sound great on paper but then you meet them and it is just awkward and you don't connect. Sometimes personalities just don't click or you find that there is no chemistry. You simply can't discover this until you meet them in person. Some of our clients feel like the initial consultation is pointless, that they would just hire us on the spot because they like our photos. We actually say no to this to most of our client's surprise. You need the consultation to really get to know your photographer to see if it will be a good fit. 

#5: Choose a photographer that you love as a person

Hire a photographer that you wouldn't mind getting a beer with after your consultation. I know it is kind of weird, but this is our most valuable advise! It is a surprise to some of our clients when we tell them the person they are going to be spend the most time with during your wedding is actually the photographer. Your photographer will be there from the preparation photos to the very end when you leave. Now imagine, someone you don't really like or enjoy spending time with by your side the entire day of your wedding. Not a very fun situation is it? Our last bit of advise is to find someone you like as a person. Someone you not only trust who has integrity, but someone who you genuinely could be friends with. So on the day of your wedding you can laugh, have fun, and feel comfortable. Trust us, it will show in your photos! 

Have additional questions about hiring your wedding photographer or want more input in your process? Click below to send us an email and whether you are our clients or not, we would love to help!