Amanda & Paul | Ann Arbor Engagement

Another wonderfully fall photoshoot with an adorable pair. The day was crisp and not too chilly yet so an ideal day for a photoshoot. Amanda and Paul currently live in Chicago but drove all the way out to Ann Arbor for a sentimental engagement session. You will see them in front of Mosher-Jordan Hall and you may be wondering why this dorm? This is actually where they met! I got to hear the story of college Amanda and college Paul meeting for the first time and how their relationship started. My favorite thing about this photoshoot though is the way that Paul made Amanda laugh by just being him! I’m sure you can see in the photos, but the fun was so genuine! I loved getting to know these guys and we wish them the best as they are planning their wedding :)

Lulu & Liam | Ypsilanti Portrait Session

A great way to wrap up the apple picking season! Liam and Lulu were so much fun and they really had a great time finding the last few apples that were still left on the tree. Their shoot was the combination of the cutest moments and the weirdest. That’s why they make such a wonderful pair! They are equally caring, fun, and quirky. I love seeing my sister so happy and we have so much fun with Liam! We walked through the apple orchard and had quite a journey finding apples still on the tree. It was quite a moment of athleticism when Liam picked up Lulu on his shoulders to victoriously pick an apple! Thanks friends for a great evening of laughter where I got to live in to my Fall loving self :)

Penny, David, and The Pups | Ann Arbor Photography

Puppies! I would just stop this blog post here but maybe you need more info on how cute this photoshoot was. You guys know that I am a huge fan of puppy photoshoots, often too much of a fan. I’m a big dog person obviously. But this time double puppies which I loved :) Penny, David, and their puppies were so much fun! We walked around Gallup park and had a great time! We lost a dog toy over a bride at one point which was bummer but the pups quickly got over it with all the new places to explore. Overall, an excellent shoot with some new playful furry friends!