Nidhi and Abhinav | Traditional Hindu Engagement

We cannot express enough how much we love hearing our client's stories and being able to capture a special part of it. This shoot was special to us because we got to step in and observe a Traditional Hindu Engagement. Nidhi and Abhinav currently reside in Ann Arbor but recently graduated from Northeastern University and Rice University. They decided to plan a Traditional Hindu Engagement where they even flew out their families from India! We loved celebrating with Nidhi and Abhinav in their culture and traditions. What a beautiful moment we had the pleasure of taking part in! Through the ceremony we saw the beauty of the Hindu culture of hospitality and generosity as gifts were exchanged back and forth, parents hugs and kisses to their new family members, and the love that was so present in this family. Thanks you friends for inviting us into your story and for trusting us to capture this special moment.