The Huang Family

We love getting the opportunity to take photos of our friends! What a blast to be with The Huang family. We decided to go to Gallup Park this time and the weather was beautiful. We really saw each of the kid's personalities come out! Corbin loved the camera :) He was a natural and really enjoyed getting his photo taken. He was making silly faces and smiling from ear to ear. Jojo was a bit more shy but you can tell he enjoy blowing bubbles and playing with his siblings. Zoe was asleep most of the time.... so not sure how she was feeling but when she was awake she seemed to enjoy herself. It was Mother's Day so Grandma and Grandpa were able to be in this shoot as well! We walked around and went by the water. We then took some time to blow some bubbles because why not? Bubbles! Overall such a great time with this family and we had a fun day in the sun!