Chelsea & Aaron Engagement Shoot

We loved being with Chelsea and Aaron. They met in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an organization that Abben and I are both involved in. Chelsea is now on staff with InterVarsity while Aaron spends the day crunching numbers as a Certified Public Accountant. We loved getting to know them through our photoshoot and hearing more of their story. We originally planned to be in the law quad at The University of Michigan but when we arrived the whole place was shut down for reconstruction until December! Come on U of M, you need to send out more email updates! But Chelsea and Aaron were so flexible and were open to walking around campus and just exploring. We could tell just from this that the most important thing for them was just to be with each other, what they originally planned didn't bother them a bit. So we explore!

We found an adorable fenced off area but the fence was so low we just took that as a suggestion to keep out. We climbed over the fence to get to this area that had gorgeous flowers and huge oak trees. After our risky endeavor, we continued to walk around and found interesting art work that we tried to analyze but with no luck. We ended our time in the quad drinking hypothetical coffee. We had a great time and we are exited to shoot their wedding in a few weeks!